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Enugu Tech Skill is a public-private partnership project developed and designed to train and provide a path to new jobs to about 50,000 young people in Enugu state. Successful beneficiaries will have the opportunity to learn either Product Design or Programming (UI/UX) with respect to your application and choice of program, the program will help you transition to new job roles and/or upscale in your already job role.

The Program is structured under the Human Capital Development Loan (HCDL) Scheme which is an innovative loan program that is intended SOLELY to provide training to individuals who are resident in Enugu State on technical and non-technical capacities in partnership with private sector firm called “Utiva” (www.utiva.io). The SME Agency in partnership with the Utiva will then provide access to jobs (full time, part-time, contract, gig-economy jobs and entrepreneurial support). The funds are then repaid within 4 months.

The Loan for the Training Program is INTEREST FREE/ ZERO INTEREST

The Programming (Web and App Development) Training Program and the Product Design & Animation Program is for three (3) months or ninety (90) Days.

The cost of the training program has been highly subsidized to N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only). Hence, Enugu SME Center would be providing a Human Capital Development Loan of N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only) to the successful participants under the Enugu Tech Program to be repaid in 4 months (No Interest Added).

The repayment of the loan will be made between 4 months

Yes, for the effectiveness of the Program, it is required that all Participants must be resident in Enugu State.

Yes. Failure to this would lead to you defaulting on the loan and the Agency calling on the collateral (cheque)

The training would be a combination of in-class training and remote training. The In-class training location would be communicated to applicants upon finalization of the documentation process. It would be based on the residence of the successful applicants. The training will be held at a designated location within Enugu State that will be communicated to applicants that complete their documentation process with Enugu SME Center.

We will onboard all the learners that successfully completed the learning program on the Utiva job bank. On that platform, you will get the opportunity to meet employers that are hiring for full time roles, part time, freelancers and also companies that are building products. The job platform will give you the opportunity to review employment opportunities and projects requirements and choose which works for you. The more projects you complete successfully, the more opportunities the technology platform routes to you.

The successful applicants would be mandated to bring the following:

  • Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and Three(3) passport photograph
  • Guarantor from the following areas:
    • Sector Individual- Businessman/Businesswoman, entrepreneur, private sector employee
    • Public Servant (Federal Government MDA, State Government from Executive Assistant-Honorable Commissioner)- retired within two (2) years also acceptable
    • Civil Servan from Level 6-Permanent Secretary- retired within two (2) years also acceptable.
  • Requirements of the Guarantor:
    • Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and two(2) passport photographs
    • Undated Cheque from CBN recognized Commercial Bank or Microfinance Bank - Kindly note that the Microfinance Bank’s cheque MUST be able “go for clearing” and payable over the counter of other banks. Kindly note that NOT ALL microfinance bank’s cheque can clear over the counter. If you are going to use a Microfinance Bank kindly inquire if it can “go for clearing”
    • Physical appearance for signing is a MUST. We also understand that they might have busy schedules hence why we would appreciate you contact us 24hrs before you come to ensure everything is seamless
    • Guarantor can be from anywhere in Nigeria (within or outside Enugu) but must make himself/herself available for sighting

If this is the case, you can pay upfront. Come to the office to receive the account number to pay into. You can also guarantee yourself and provide the Undated Cheque from a Commercial Bank or Microfinance Bank (remember if you are using a microfinance bank cheque, ensure it can be “cleared over the counter”). You can come with a 3 or 6 months bank account statement.

Request to open a current account with your Bank and request for a cheque book (minimum amount of leaves). When coming to the office to complete your documentation, make sure you come with 3-6 months of your savings account statement. You should also notify the Agency that you have requested for a cheque book so your space can be reserved.

If you have successfully passed the rigorous selection phase and chosen for the first cohort and you drop out of the program, it would have been determined you have DEFAULTED on the Enugu Tech Skill Training and the default terms would kick in as detailed in the Offer Letter, which would include calling on the collateral (the cheque of the guarantor/or applicant). If you paid for the Enugu Tech Skill Program upfront, it shall not be refunded.

This is the only way for Financial Institutions to legally recover their monies in the event of a default. This must be presented physically and cannot be scanned as it is not valid if scanned.

The guarantor would be expected to co-sign with the successful Enugu Tech Skill Applicant and is also expected to be physically sighted by the Agency to prevent any case of false claims, forgery of documentation and signature etc.

Successful applicants will be onboarding into Whatsapp Platforms from Friday 28th August 2020- Monday 7th September 2020. This is to carry everyone along on the program dynamics amongst other things regarding orientation. Documentation signing will commence from Monday 7th September 2020- Monday, 21st September 2020.
Kindly notify the Enugu SME Center 24-hrs before coming to the Agency (with guarantor if using guarantor) to ensure your documents are prepared ahead of time.

Yes, You do need a laptop to participate in the program as discussed during the orientation session.

No!!! It is a personal guarantee not a joint guarantee.

Unfortunately, the Enugu SME Center is the Agency that, amongst other things, provides loans to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). We have tried to ensure that the Human Capital Development Loan Program is a ZERO INTEREST LOAN that would provide skills and access to jobs to our youth. Other MDAs in the state like the Ministry of Human Development and Poverty Alleviate provide grant support to Ndi-Enugu.

If sending your 24hrs notification by email, send to info@enugusme.ng or enugutech@utiva.io. You can call us on +2348089344768; +2348084998224; +2349042439495. Ensure you write your name and "Enugu Tech Applicant" as the subject heading of the email.
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